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The first few years of a child’s life are the formative years. The training imparted and the value inculcated in the early years will stay throughout his life. We at St.Columbo Public School make an effort to do just the same. We make sure the child feels at home even when away from home.

We keep the child away from the fear of examinations. Upto the third standard there are no examinations. The child is assessed on a regular basis, based on his performance in the class. This is likely to continue till the eighth standard.

The main emphasis is laid on the learning of etiquette, correct pronunciation, developing excellent handwriting, and communication skills.

As the child graduates to a higher level stress is laid on general awareness, numerical, ability and I.T. skills. Reading habits are also developed and encouraged. The learning horizons are widened.

Our methodology is activity-oriented. We at St.Columbo Public School have a lot of activities and co-curricular activities.